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      I Purchased the drupal module and I’m trying to use html5 video background. However, it doesn’t autoplay on Chrome. Do you have a fix for it?


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      There’s a new version that fixes it. I found it there:

      How can I get it?

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      Did you ever get a response to this? I have the same problem – autoplay doesn’t work on Chrome and it’s pretty well-documented on the WordPress site (although you have to root through a lot of posts to find useful info.)

      Thanks in advance – it really looks like there’s nobody home here – no response to any of my issues…

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      In my case, this is using video as a layer. Using video as a background had basically the same behavior, but much worse performance.

      Let me add some details:

      The error shown in Console is:

      “Unmuting failed and the element was paused instead because the user didn’t interact with the document before.”

      As per changes Chrome made a year ago, unmuted videos with audio will not autoplay. In my case, the videos have no audio and the audio is also muted in the UI – why is the slider trying to unmute a video that’s already muted (and has no audio to boot)? The slider is screwing up royally here.

      Anyway, when the unmuting fails, Chrome pauses the video.

      Now for the other part of the issue: the user not interacting with the document.

      Evidently, going to the page from another page on the site is enough user intervention for the videos to play.

      This makes the problem really easy to miss. You make the changes, go to the front page (in my case) and all seems well. And in Firefox, everything’s fine.

      But if you reload the page in Chrome, the videos don’t play – that’s when you can see the error in Console.

      I have a small-dot pager and once you click on the first one (user intervention), everything’s OK.

      I have spent days and days now tracking this down; the issue has evidently been addressed for the WordPress plugin, but AFAICT, the Drupal plugin hasn’t been updated for almost a year!

      To complicate matters, there has been no real support here save for Harry occasionally saying that the problem will be dealt with (and it never is.)

      What’s going on here? Is this project abandoned? If so, please let us know – I’ve now spent weeks on this – no kidding.

      Any help greatly appreciated…

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      Any response to this? I am having same exact issue.

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      Oh – you will definitely have the same issue – this is a problem with the Drupal version of the plug-in and there’s no real way around it.

      Chrome has even disallowed simulated clicks to get the video going. So until the developer fixes the code so that Chrome “understands” that the video is muted and that video shouldn’t be paused, you’ll have the problem.

      We’ve come up with a somewhat inelegant workaround where an “Allow Video” button will appear when the video is paused. Clicking the button will unpause video and the button disappears.


      This is the best we can do until Envato gets it together – again, they’ve apparently solved the issue for WordPress – why not Drupal?

      Let’s hope that somebody is reading this…

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      Hi there. I bought your module and installed it on Drupal 8. I have the same problem with autoplay. Can we expect new version anytime soon?

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      Looks like we’re all out of luck here – tis topic has been open for almost a year without any response and I myself have been waiting for two months.


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