Bayer Seresto Collar 8 Month Flea & Tick Protection for SMALL DOGS Up to 18 lbs

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1.Flea and lice collars for large and small dogs or cats over 18 pounds or less than 18 pounds
2.Long effective time Flea and tick dog collars can treat and prevent ticks, fleas, larvae and lice for up to 8 months!
3.This waterproof flea and tick dog collar immediately starts to work within 24 hours after application to repel and kill fleas and eliminate ticks within 48 hours.
4.It contains two active ingredients (Imidacloprid and Flumethrin) that provide a dual effect and provide long-term protection.
5.They work together effectively to maintain sustained release, spreading the ingredients at the direct contact points on other skin surfaces.
Tip: When fitting your pet’s collar, make sure you can slip two fingers in between the collar and your pet’s neck.
Note :
– Cost savings for you.
– Reasonable prices for you and your pets.
– High efficiency.
The collar should not be used on puppies younger than seven weeks old or on kittens younger than ten weeks old. If ticks are present on your pet when the collar is applied, they will not die within the first forty-eight hours and should be removed manually. If your dog or cat shows any sign of skin irritation or other reaction to the collar, remove immediately and consult your veterinarian.
Big Sales off  $24.99
From 01/04/2022 to 30/05/2022 Shop It Now