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      Tony Steward

      So far, the theme is great, just a few little issues:

      Problem 1)

      The Images, Video and a few other modules do not work in the builder. Simply shows me a blank popup box.


      Problem 2)

      Since removing the map which was pre-loaded with demo data my screen width has changed and are being trimmed short either side. The Parallax modules used to span the entire width as well as some other rows but they have shorted in width since deleting the map.


      working fine before

      problem now

      Problem 3)

      Can you please check the map module is working correctly because it is now showing when I insert this module into a row. I know there are separate issues with the map showing and I will need a unique API from Google using my card details but I can’t even get to that stage yet as it doesn’t seem to be showing on the page.

      Thank you and I hope you can support me as soon as possible,


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      Tony Steward
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      Tony Steward

      Hello? Please can you respond / address this ASAP as we are on a time limit to fix these issues. We have purchased the full licence including support, please let me know if you require any further info from us to begin supporting with these issues?

      I can be reached directly on tony@tonysteward.co.uk anytime

      thank you and please help ASAP

      Thank you

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      Maria Do

      I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

      1. Unfortunately four modules (image,video,gallery,audio) no longer working on Spyropress builder.We have not got a solution to fix. So please use Custom HTML to add your image tags or frame tags.

      2.That issue from your configs, the Row id is deleted:



      3.Google map: Now Google Map need to get the credit card when registering the API key so you need to get the key for your own.
      After that,send me your API info then I can help you to do that.

      Thank you.

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