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      I have a problem with the cart page of the Techno Store – Electronic eCommerce Shopify Theme.

      The cart is not like all other pages. The search bar is not on the same level as “all categories”.
      Also, icons like worldwide shipping can’t be disabled. On the other pages, there are disabled.

      I have a question about the main menu. It is possible, that this could be different on every page?
      I want the menu in the categories menu as you can see it on the page. But there should be a submenu in the header instead of a fixed main menu.

      Also, is it possible to disable the compare icons?
      I don’t have any products to compare, so I don’t want this symbol.

      Thank you in advance.

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      I have some more problems.

      The icons mentioned above are also not disabled in the account page of the customers.

      Also Coupon Codes can’t be entered in the cart page only in check out.
      If someone enter a code on the cart page, nothing happens.

      And the password field in the login panel shows the password not stars (like: *).

      The Account activation panel shows the “Password” and “Password Confirmation *” text but it needs mail and a mail confirmation.

      Thank you.

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      Maria Do


      please refer to the document at here:


      Thank you.

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