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      Daniel Neuberger

      Dear Sir or Madam,

      I have a big problem with the Contact Form “Form Contact”.
      I use the Contact Form 7 Plugin with your Formula Code.

      Here you can see your code: https://pastebin.com/5LK3NA82

      I need the “Fields” for the E-Mail like [your-subject] [your-name].
      My Problem ist that in your code these fields do not exist!

      This is my code form my own formula: https://pastebin.com/y5Eb9t3e
      There I have [your-name] in the code and I can place it in the E-Mail.
      If somebody fills out the formula and sends it to me I become that Information to my mailbox.

      So ist it how this work.

      But I need the style from your formula but with things like [your-name] that I cant implement on the E-Mail.

      In your code there is nothing like [your-name] how it is in my own formula but my own formula is not so well styled.

      I hope you can understand what I mean.

      So can you please help me that the information can “transport” the my mailbox.

      Kind Regards,
      Daniel N.

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      Daniel Neuberger


      please answer me

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      Maria Do


      We have Contac form2 with four fields: [input_name][email][subject][message]

      Here is page for demo:

      contact form demo

      Here is code for Fomr tab:

      [text* input_name id:InputName class:form-control]

      [email* email id:email class:form-control]

      [text* subject id:input-subject class:subject class:form-control]

      [textarea message id:input-message class:form-control]

      [submit class:send-mail “Send Email”]

      Hope that helps.

      Thank you.

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      Maria Do

      Sorry can’t put html at here. I’ve send you an email. Please check.

      Thank you.

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      Daniel Neuberger

      can you say me why there are 2 checkboxes and now only one?

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      Maria Do

      Please show me the page go to that issue.

      Thank you.

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      Maria Do


      I don’t know exaclty your Contact form code, but you can fix that issue using below css code:

      input[type=”checkbox”] + span:before,input[type=”checkbox”] + span:after{

      Hope that help.


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