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      Hello all,

      I have put a post in the forum, and thought I’d open this ticket also.

      We purchased the Moonshiners theme and love the theme. However, we are having a couple small issues.

      1. Our CMSsuperheroes plugin was showing uninstalled. I believe it is working, but wanted to make sure I’m not missing something.

      2. I am continually presented a dn.joomexp.com log in request. I’ve tried to visit the joomexp.com site, but it times out. Please advise on how to fix, or remedy this issue.

      Thank you in advance.

      TJ allan

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      Maria Do

      To help you with this issue I need to check your FTP+wp-admin. Please provide your FTP+wp-admin login details to move further with this issue. Don’t forget to mark reply as private below if you share any sensitive data.
      Thank you.

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      Maria Do

      THank you your info.

      What is URL your site. I can’t see..

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      Rodrigo Marques


      I have the same problem with my template “Consultivo” by CMSSuperheroes
      How can I resolve this like you?

      My website is very very very slow and presents a log with “dev.joomexp.com”.

      Some time ago when I installed it, it was fine. But now, I move the folder site and I have uninstalled everything and reinstalled it and it is very very very slow to open all the pages.

      The pages take a long time to open and there are images that do not appear. And some pages doesn’t show the content. Another strange issue is that the site starts up and loads at the bottom of the browser with “dev.joomexp.com”.

      What is this?
      What site is this?
      It’s virus?
      Is a problem with a corrupted files from template?

      Please help.

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        Maria Do

        Please send the following information to get the support faster:

        – FTP’s information
        – Site’s URL
        – WordPress admin account
        – License certificate image:http://prntscr.com/o8tck1(to ensure you have bought the theme and deserve the good support).

        I will check your site to find out the solution.

        Don’t forget to mark reply as private below if you share any sensitive data.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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