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      Maria – first, thank you for your amazing clarifications. It helped me so much. Second, I gave you a 5 Star review at themeforest.net. It was easy to do because you have been so helpful.

      One last thing, I attached two screenshots I need you to look at….

      I went in and changed ALL of the published pages to the HEADER the client wanted to use. The really like the header that had the “slice” in the background. When I did that, I noticed the space between the Font Awesome icon and the text I put in got pushed together. You will see in Fig 1, I left 1 page “Our History” with the previous header so you could see what we are hoping to accomplish, it is perfect.

      But Fig 2 shows the preferred header with the icons was to close to the text. AND, I added a new CMS TEXT widget to HEADER MIDDLE 3 RIGHT SIDE because the client wanted to move the link to their CONTACT US page up there, and it DID add it fine with the FA icon, but the divider line between the 3rd and 4th item is not there. Where I can I go to add it in or is there a limit to the number of items that can go in that header?

      (NOTE: I tried to respond to your last message to me but it kept giving me an error message saying it couldnt be submitted at this time so I just started a new ticket.)

      Thank you so much!!!!

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      Maria Do

      Hi Rick!
      Thank you very much for your great help!!!! you are so kindly!!!!
      Regarding the last question. Sorry i can’t see your screenshots. could you please share it again. You can share screenshot as a link.
      Again thanks a lot and stay healthy!

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