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      Dear Makers or Revolution Slider for Drupal,
      hopefully this is a ticket now and not a public forum entry [edit: I see it again got a forum entry] I knew Revolution Slider from WordPress before we chose its Drupal version for another project.

      Using the Drupal version we tried to build an extremely simple Hero Slider here, which should serve as the start image of an E-Commerce site. All its overlayed components (Logo + buttons) are supposed to stay in place – only the background image would get (manually) exchanged from time to time.

      Our experiences were honestly very disappointing, as we at some point were no longer able to differenciate between user-error and bugs in your Plug-in – we frankly ran into many of them. It would be great we you gave us a hand and – we would be curious to learn, if an upgrade for your Drupal version is on its way.

      The greatest problem I faced was that what I did in the editor wasn’t in any way WYSIWYG: What looks just perfect inside your editor when cycling through all device previews will displays totally broken with your inbuilt browser preview (top right, next to Save Slide Button) and also displays wrong embedded into the site.

      The second big issue was, that your canvas area starts resizing until it no longer fits the screen (already using 2560×1440 on 25 inches here). Seemingly this resizing action gets introduced by using Device previews – and I found no way to reset the canvas size.

      Another large problem was that recently used actions somehow start “sticking” and are executed again on any object selected next. There’s simply no way to “drop the tool”. Once I have resized an object the next selected object will get resized as well (only be clicking to select it).

      Also your layer list on top of the canvas displays existing layers in a slide twice. One can check the actual element count in the timeline
      but the layer dropdown goes crazy… One only gets rid of this by restarting the app, but that odd layer duplication ( a redraw issue?) reappears soon.

      Using groups somehow didn’t work either. We wanted to put an image (the Logo) and some text (the claim) into a group – as they belong together and should look pretty much alike on all devices. When doing so however the image inside that group isn’t displayed at all (you can check that in the second slide in the linked slideshow).

      Here’s a link to the the slider which caused us so many issues. I’m sure it has obvious errors in it – but as described I simply don’t follow what the Plug-in is doing… https://www.dropbox.com/s/lgz6csyb4pjlv7q/sfg.zip?dl=0

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