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      we acquired the suarez theme for the website: http://martamaggiorelli.com/

      We installed the theme and imported demo content and we are working on the website.
      We solved most of the many problems encountered, but at the moment we are not able to make the main navigation menu show.
      Also the mobile menu in not working.

      The generated html shows a ul without any item. The menu however is assigned to the Main navigation position and the same menu is working fine in the sticky position.

      I also tried to create a different menu to show only in the main navigation without having the same menu in multiple positions, but it’s not working either.

      To see the website you need to login to bypass the maintenance plugin installed.
      I created an administrator account for you.

      Login: Tickets
      Password: HiLFw@bnvrvbQjRc$sGefyXv

      Let me know how to fix the problem.


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      Maria Do
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      Maria Do


      I’ve checked and i can see the menu is shown for your site.

      Did you figure it out?

      Will be a pleasure to assist you.

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      Yes thanks. One of my coworkers fixed the problem.
      I was out of office yessterday and didn’t know it was solved.

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      Maria Do

      Yes If you have any questions,Please don’t hesitated to contact us again if You can’t figured out.

      sorry i don’t want to bother you but can you help me one thing?

      Could you please give me 5 star and Good Review for my support on themeforest. You can do it on download page at themeforest, screen: http://prntscr.com/6x3k63

      It’s my pleasure to assist you. Thanks for choosing our theme and have a great day ahead!

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      jaco Engel

      Hi there,

      In need some assistance please!!
      We have purchased the Saurez theme. Has been installed and everything works perfect except for the menu not working on mobile??


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        Maria Do

        Hi jaco Engel

        Please send the following information to get the support faster:

        – FTP’s information
        – Site’s URL
        – WordPress admin account
        – License certificate image:http://prntscr.com/o8tck1(to ensure you have bought the theme and deserve the good support).

Viewing 6 reply threads
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