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      Hi, I recently installed Magician theme and I have multiple issues I can’t handle (https://madunic.design)
      1. Browsers are blocking parts of this page that are not secure thus many parts of web page misbehave (fonts, parallax window, row order…)
      After protection has been manually disabled website functioning normally.
      2. Fonts and their sizes are not customizable. I would like to have Open Sans light or ability to choose Google fonts.
      3. How can I adjust slider options (duration, transitions,… etc.)?
      4. How can I change order of appearance of Portfolio categories (your description not working)?
      5. How can I change background, fonts, etc… in single portfolio window and in Gallery (Quick view on my page)?
      6. How can I change paralax window to fit the screen width instead of fixed width?
      Generaly, I think that some things are missing in theme options.
      If you want I will give you access to site administration to take a look inside what’s going on.
      Thank you

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      Maria Do


      1&6: Sorry i can’t see you mean. Could you please show me some screenshots for details?

      2.No available option to change fonts style.You can use custom css code to overwrite fonts-style from theme.

      3.You can only change content of slider:


      4.No option to order cat in Recent Portfolio.

      5.You can change Section Skin in Row settings:


      Or you css code to overwrite image from theme:


      Thank you.

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      Maria Do


      1.2 : Please give me FtP info your to i can help.

      3.No option for this request. This case you have to add custom code to make fullwidth content.

      4.the theme option on your site is fine.Here is screenshot from our demo site:

      thank you.

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      Maria Do

      Hi again

      Your problem is solved. I’ve worked via File manager plugin.

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      Seems that all works fine. I hope that’s all we needed.
      Thank you very much and have a nice day!

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      Maria Do

      Could you please give me 5 star and Good Review for us on themeforest. You can do it on download page at themeforest, screen: http://prntscr.com/6x3k63

      It’s my pleasure to assist you. If you have any questions with our theme. Thanks for choosing our theme and have a great day ahead!

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