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      Hi again,
      The information is same as below;

      My site is: kizilaykonak.org.tr
      Wordpress user name: kzlyknk168
      Wordpress password: 5GVtx@!!d*w11
      Item purchased code: d78f89b3-04ee-4d1b-a593-a6e3bfb7da3a

      FTP information;
      FTP user name: hazirlik@kizilaykonak.org.tr
      FTP password: Trkoltf13
      FTP server: http://ftp.kizilaykonak.org.tr

      I need your urgent support for below issues;

      1) I want to get free demo installation. Can you pls do it for me?

      2) Can you pls change the language of the word (our email) at the top bar in to Turkish. The word should be changed as e-posta

      3) I can not change the text color at the main menu (header) by using admin panel.Can you please change the background color of header as white and text color as red (#d82120). Hover color should be white.

      4) I want to change the currency as Turkish Lira. Can you pls do it?

      5) Is it possible to put “quantity” section at donation settings. I mean, it will be possible to the user to select the quantity of his donation. For example he will select 50 USD as amount and 2 as quantity.

      6) I purchased this theme to prepare a web site for the company which is Turk Kızılay Konak Sube. That’s why I want this theme to be registered to Turk Kızılay Konak Sube (www.kizilaykonak.org.tr).


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      Maria Do


      1. I saw the demo data is imported:


      2,3,4.Your ftp info isn’t working:


      5. No option for this request.

      6. You can registered for any website but only used once.

      Best regards!

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      Maria Do

      Hi again

      4.the currency Turkish Lira is availabe:


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