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      Hi again,
      The information of my site is same as below;

      My site is: kizilaykonak.org.tr
      Wordpress user name: kzlyknk168
      Wordpress password: 5GVtx@!!d*w11
      Item purchased code: d78f89b3-04ee-4d1b-a593-a6e3bfb7da3a

      FTP information;
      FTP user name: hazirlik@kizilaykonak.org.tr
      FTP password: Trkoltf13
      FTP server: http://ftp.kizilaykonak.org.tr

      I need your quick support for the open issues which are listed below;
      1. Turkish Lira (currency) is not available in the donation settings. I reinstalled the theme and now Turkish Lira is not available.

      2. How can I change the word ”read more” below donations in Turkish? See attached https://prnt.sc/p0r99z

      3. How can I change the word ”Donate” below donations in Turkish? See attached https://prnt.sc/p0ranh

      4. How can I remove the part shown in attached picture in red rectangle? See attached https://prnt.sc/p0rbkm

      5. If I can not remove the part shown in item 4 (above) than how can I change the language of the words in Turkish? See attached https://prnt.sc/p0rbkm

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      Maria Do
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      Thanks for your reply.
      3. I did what you want but there is one part which I could not change the language of the text. How can I change the language of this part? https://prnt.sc/p149j4

      4. I don’t know to use custom CSS. Can you please do it for me?

      And I have some additional items;

      5. There are some numbers at the donation form of each donations. How can I remove these numbers? See attached https://prnt.sc/p13mf1 and https://prnt.sc/p13n34

      6. How can I remove paypal logo? see attached https://prnt.sc/p13o93

      7. I want to change the words in Turkish. https://prnt.sc/p13s4g and https://prnt.sc/p13slx

      8. I want to change this in Turkish as well. https://prnt.sc/p0rbkm


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      If you need you can use below FTP information


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      Maria Do


      3,8 I answered in your other ticket: It is language text, you can find it in:

      #: templ-part/causes/causes-c_full.php:52
      #: templ-part/causes/causes-single.php:64

      4.Item support does not include Customizations

      5.I need connect to ftp to edit file. Did you check your ftp info?

      6.No option for this request. You can use Custom CSS to do it.

      7.You can change it in PLUGINS\zodonations\views\zodonations.form.php

      Thank you.

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      Maria Do


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