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      Hi, i need to solve some PORTOFLIO PAGE problems:


      I need to change where this button takes you when is pressed.

      It sends me to the default page “portfolio” but i’ve built a new one and I need that when I press it, it redirects to the address that I indicate

      View post on imgur.com

      how can i modify this?

      2- Everytime you select a category on masonry filter it keeps underlined even if you select another one later. So in the end they all stay selected and that is very confusing for the user.
      How can i change that?

      3- When the portfolio is dlisplayed on a mobile version, text filters from grid appear on different lines instead of staying on the same one, leaving everything messy and ugly.

      How to modify this? I can’t solve it with basic options.

      Thank you

Viewing 0 reply threads
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