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      Carles Barra

      I don’t know why I can’t answer in my own forum message, I’ve tried 3 times 3 different days and I still can’t write… So I have to create a new topic.

      I have detected where the error comes from and have been able to find a solution, although it is not very elegant. The problem is due to the cms-counter, which being empty when the user scrolls the script relies on that size to determine the position of the next section. I tried several things, but the only solution I found is to determine a fixed height of the same size as the letter of the counters, so the size of the block is always the same whether the counters are empty or not. Do you know if there is a more elegant solution?

      Besides, some other questions have come up that I would like to solve as well:

      1) Is there a way to not underline the first menu item before you get to that section?

      2) Is there a way for a link from another page containing an anchor (#) to act in such a way that it loads the page first and then scrolls to the anchor indicated in the URL?


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      Maria Do

      We are taking an extended vacation from January 23th to January 30th, 2020; therefore, during this period, it would take longer than normal for us to respond to our customers’ tickets. We’d like to apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

      1. You can remove this css from theme:


      2. Sorry i’m not much understand you mean. Please explain again.

      thank you!

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