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      kaveh yazdi

      Hi There,
      I have a problem with CMS Grid. As I see it cannot read the portfolio category information and display it.

      To replicate you can follow this steps:

      (1) There is a form on the website named “Fine Art Portfolio” and a CMS Grid component is already there.
      (2) If you try to build the query and specify a portfolio category for example”Category5″ or “Category4” the circling icon starts to work but cannot find the category. I tried to define more categories but the result didn’t change and the query builder is only to show online two previously defined categories “3D Still Life” and “Character Design”

      Please assist.

      If you need to access the WordPress or FTP, you can use these credentials:

      Website: https://contrastdigitalstudio.ca/wp-admin
      User: admin
      Password: x#d0@M#T8f

      FTP Info:
      Server: ftp2@contrastdigitalstudio.ca
      FTP Username: fileupload@zeusart.ca
      FTP Password: F#load865*
      FTP server: http://ftp.zeusart.ca
      FTP & explicit FTPS port: 21

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      Maria Do


      You have to add categories for portfolio posts:



      Then you can choose categories in CMS Grid


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      kaveh yazdi

      Hi Maria,
      I tried this but still not working. You can try to add “Category5” to the query builder and you can see that its not working.

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      Maria Do

      “Category5” hasn’t post: https://prnt.sc/taa18t

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