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      Alejandra Beltran

      Hi i bought your theme a few weeks ago and i installed it and it worked fine,
      At first i changed a few things,
      Settings > Reading > and change the character codification to UF-8 (i need to use the site in spanish) i save it and it works fine, but then after a few hours or days it goes back to UF-7 and doesnt accept special characters. This same situation happens with the page name and description (the one that shows in the window next to the favicon, i have changed it a couple of times but then after a few days it changes.
      I need you to hepl me with this as soon as posible.

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      Maria Do

      Sorry I’m not much understand your problem. Could you please show me screenshot to clarify your question?You can use lightshot sotfware to take and share screenshot, it easy to use:


      Thank you.

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