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      thank you so much
      thank you thank you so much that is all i needed. do you mind me asking why it wasnt working before? and another question any specific image size i should add there to make sure it doesnt mess it up?

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      Maria Do

      This is done by admin team, i will ask them about the files update.
      There is no recommend size but you can try with 640x800px same ask demo image. For example:
      However your configs is not good. I will ask them for this if they can do anything else to help you with this too.
      Please wait 🙂
      Take care always!

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      Maria Do

      Hello again
      The slider is working well now on mobile now, like this: https://tppr.me/qcIGq
      As per admin team, you did too many customizations for your content in page builder and css so page layout broken.
      The our original theme version and demo data is reponsive wordpress.
      They spen a lot of time for your site and this bellow are what they had to done for your site:
      – Change the files in assets/scss folder
      – Recustomize CSS
      – Rebuild slider for all devices
      – Rebuild content for pages
      – Optimize image size and reupload them.
      This is the best they could help you. Although the item support does not include customization services but as you can see we are trying to help you as much as we can.
      I hope you appreciate our effort 🙂
      One more thing, could i bother you a minute?
      could i ask your help with 5 star and Good Review on themeforest.
      You can do it on download page at themeforest, screen: http://prntscr.com/6x3k63
      Your help is much appreciated because help us alot in improving theme rating.
      Thank you so much for your help and hope you have a great day <3

Viewing 2 reply threads
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