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      i have downloaded the mentis theme, i was able to download the demo. the problem is the header does not load. there is no associated top part of the website. if you want to look at it the website shrinkmdcom.wpcomstaging.com

      please help me making the website the way it should look. thanks

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      the part that is important is the facebook, instagram twitter links etc, along with the home, blog, feature, page, gallery, contact. also the phone number and email address. the entire top part of the page including the make an appointment thing.

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      also on the same site, one of the pictures of the articles is not present and is sized differently then the other two. sort of in the middle of the page. how can i address that or fix it? also which editor is best in editing this demo template? thank you.

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      Maria Do

      Please send the following information to get the support faster:
      – FTP’s information
      – WordPress admin account
      – License certificate image:http://prntscr.com/o8tck1
      We will take a look and help you.
      Than you!

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