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      Hi, I’ve installed Haswell theme for wordpress, I realized there aren’t all the controls I expected but I love that theme so I’m going to use it.
      I’m not so experienced in html and css (and with bootstrap nothing…) but I usually can change what I want in custom css. With Haswell theme, I don’t find the things to change …
      I’m a bit frustrated. So, I change the theme or I write to you just to understand how the theme works and how can I change the things I want. If you can tell me the code I have to touch, then I can do it in custom css section.

      Page title ( like here: https://www.senape.enredandoweb.com/portfolios/servizi-o-progetti/ ): it’s in grid, I would like it full width to have it aligned to logo and menu. I haven’t seen that option in your theme.

      Main menu, how can I:
      remove cart icon;
      change the lower line of active menu item. I want it shorter and maybe thinner;
      active item font-color: #d0a218

      Yellow top bar: could it not be sticky when scrolling down the page?

      In this page: https://www.senape.enredandoweb.com/portfolios/servizi-o-progetti/ I would like to display only one portfolio per category (the latest): I change the query in CMS Grid but it doesn’t work: I still have 4 portfolios, and pagination at the end of the page.

      Buttons: how can I change their color? I would like a button of “my” yellow…
      And: could I put code in portfolio category description ( https://www.senape.enredandoweb.com/wp-admin/term.php?taxonomy=category-portfolio&tag_ID=40&post_type=portfolio&wp_http_referer=%2Fwp-admin%2Fedit-tags.php%3Ftaxonomy%3Dcategory-portfolio%26post_type%3Dportfolio ) in order to have a button after text?
      And in portfolio category description, can I set a text editor?


      WP ADMIN:
      password: SNPvu_21Xx

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      Maria Do

      Thank you for contact us here.
      1. Portfolio page: it is defaut style. If you want to make the content is fullwidth you can use this below custom css code. You can install custom css plugin to add css code:
      @media (min-width: 1200px){
      .container {
      width: 100%!important;
      2. Main menu:
      – remove cart icon with this code:
      a.icon_cart_wrap.header-icon {
      display: none;
      – change menu style in theme option: https://tppr.me/dYHBv
      3. No it is impossible, you can only on/off sticky header with this option: https://tppr.me/ip4yq
      4. You can select the category for portfolio with Taxonomies option : https://tppr.me/cwu0D

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      Maria Do

      5. This is all button types you can use: https://tppr.me/mahcy
      Besides, you can add class for button then add custom style for button using CSS:
      6. You can enable page builder for portfolio post type then add any element to page:
      Hope this is helpful!
      Best regards!

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