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      Since we installed the template in July we have had several problems. First the Slider revolution plugin gave an error, we deleted it and reinstalled it, then it seemed to work but the slider preview did not occur when publishing the page. Yesterday we tried updating all the plugins and the WP and the editor did not work well.
      We read on the Themeforest page that the template was updated the last time in 2019 and that it is compatible with WP version 5.0, so we decided to delete everything we did before and reinstall the template again from 0 but with WP 5.0.
      We have the doubt of being able to continue with this version of WP, because we plan to activate woocommerce later to be able to receive donations and it is highly recommended to have everything updated.
      Can you please tell us if the template will continue to be updated?
      Now I start to set up the page again if I run into another problem I write to you again.
      Thanks a lot.

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      Another question is why the template does not have the child. Can we customize without problems directly in the template of origin?

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      Maria Do

      Please send the following information to get the support faster:

      – FTP’s information
      – Site’s URL
      – WordPress admin account
      – License certificate image:http://prntscr.com/o8tck1(to ensure you have bought the theme and deserve the good support).

      Thanks and stay safe!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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