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      I was v1.6 and went to great efforts to accomplish the v1.9 upgrade since this theme is not updated simply like others in WordPress. Once I got the right plug-in to accomplish the chore, it was evident that v1.9 had some issues. 1) It cleared my menu items, 2) and my social media links in the footer 3) as well fix a demo photo of African kids on my opening page that I did not want. Taking too long to figure out how to fix these many items, I rolled back to v1.6 (and the plug-in I used did it nicely). So I am back to v1.6. Anyone else have these issues?

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      Maria Do


      What should you do:

      1.Backup your site before update.

      2. Update theme to latest version

      3.Please send the following information to get the support faster:

      – FTP’s information
      – Site’s URL
      – WordPress admin account
      – License certificate image:http://prntscr.com/o8tck1(to ensure you have bought the theme and deserve the good support).

Viewing 1 reply thread
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