Ways to Make your WordPress site More Professional

WordPress is one of the best platforms for creating business websites, blogs and websites that will show off your freelance portfolio, but unless you put some work into your sites, they can sometimes look a little less polished and cohesive than you would like, and this can come across as being less than professional to anyone who visits.

The good news is, for the most part, it’s pretty easy to create a more professional looking WP site, with just a few simple tweaks…

Don’t Do Anything Fancy with the Body Text

It’s possible to do all kinds of weird and wonderful things to the body text in WordPress, but if you want your website to maintain a professional air, it’s far better to keep the background white, the text black and the find a simple, clear and easy to read one. I mean, if your visitors can’t make out a word of what you’ve written, they’re hardly going to be convinced of your professionality, are they?

Ensure You Upload a Favicon

Don’t even know what a favicon is, let alone how to upload one? Don’t worry, it’s basically a very small image that appears next to your websites name in the browser. It’s only a little thing, but it makes your site look more professional, and ensures it stand out, especially if a reader bookmarks it because it will because the favicon will show up in their favorites, reminding them how great your site is.

Include a Professional Business Address

It’s obvious, but having a professional business address on your website will instil tons of confidence in your visitors. If you are working from home, get yourself a virtual address from https://physicaladdress.com. Not only will you have a better, more private address to show, but you’ll benefit from a much more efficient method of collecting your business mail too.

Images Should be Full Width

Your written content might be the most important thing on your website, but the images you choose to use will also be very important. That’s why you should really be creating your own images wherever possible, and why you should absolutely use full-width images that are clear, clean and very easy to see. They’ll brighten up your website really well too.

Make Your Links More Meaningful

Links that look like spyropress.com/1123453 might do the job, but let’s faced it they are pretty meaningless really. It’s far better to use links that actually tell the reader something, such as spyropress.com/make-wordpress-more-professional. As well as looking less spam-like and giving your readers more information, it will help to boost your SEO efforts too.

Spring for a Custom Design

Free templates are fine, but if you really want to stand out and give off a more polished aura, springing for a custom design is a great way to do so. https://themeforest.net/ is a good place to find custom themes. Oh, you could always hire a professional web designer to create something too.