Best Ways to Optimize SEO on WordPress

In recent years, Google has completely changed the concept of SEO and SEO methods by introducing a series of algorithms and regular updates like Google Panda, Google Pigeon, Google Penguin, Google Hummingbird and many more. As a result, websites with black hat SEO used are heavily fined and have no land to use martial arts, even more, many websites are still banned permanently on Google.

However, white hat SEO experts also have a headache to find the most appropriate method for getting the desired results. And daily, hourly people ask if it is possible to prepare SEO site?

Getting a good ranking in search engine results page (SERPs) is the desire of all SEOers and site owners as well. If the question is when do you want it? I’m so sure about the answer of “as early as possible”.

In the previous post, you have learned “What is SEO? Things to Know before Making SEO“. And now is the time to explore the methods to implement SEO on WordPress.

Ways to Optimize SEO for WordPress

Before discovering the methods, here is a reminder for you: there will not be any shortcut to fastest SEO. So, if you are intending to look for it, then let quit that idea immediately. Hard-working SEOers are people who can gain gradually permanent good results.

Using SEO-friendly Themes & Plugins

Search engine optimization has enthroned in recent years, developers also began to learn and create SEO friendly themes and plugins. The most important things are code and speed.


Code-clean means following specifications are insured: achievement of the latest SEO requirements in theme and built-in-structure as Google bots like. You need to concern the below points:

  • Using proper functioning of the meta URL tag.
  • Using rational heading tags & meta title tag.
  • Using rational HTML.
  • Using open graph meta tag for sharing on social media.


Speed is something difficult to achieve on WordPress theme. Because the theme itself may load faster but due to the installation of additional plugins and other components onto the pages & sites then the loading time can be slow down. However, there are ways to speed up the download of a theme (I will talk about this issue in the next post).

You should remember that: for a good SEO theme, light load is an initial requirement.

Settings SEO-friendly Permalink

Permalinks (URLs structure) are born after creating a new page or article. And WordPress has a default setting for permalink as

Can you understand it? If you can’t then all the search engines also are not able to know what is it talking about. Luckily, besides of permalink structure default, WordPress also has 5 different display options for Permalink (so-called Pretty Permalink  – a favorite phrase of Google): Day & name, Month & name, Numeric, Post name, Custom structure. Below are some examples of friendly permalinks:

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If you do not know what to choose accordingly, please refer to posts on optimizing permalink structure for further information. Changing the permalink structure of a new WordPress website is very simple. But you should pay attention to a website with contents existed because of the broken link possibility. Make a careful research before changing anything on this type of website.

Way to Optimize SEO for The Post on WordPress

People often call “Content is King” then I’ll call “Google is Queen (Powerful Queen of SEO)” because she enacts and tightens laws by improving it frequently. Full compliance with those laws is a compulsory request, including the King (content) otherwise punishment with no mercy will be applied. If you plan on using tricks, blandishments (black hat SEO) to get privileges, breaking the rules and laws which she put out then I advise you not to do so because she does not like it. The only way to be rewarded for high-ranking is to comply with rules and create high-quality King commensurate with Queen. High-quality content is:

  • Unique content.
  • Sharable content.
  • Using heading tags correctly.
  • Optimize images.
  • Using Anchor Text & Link exactly.
  • Using Keywords (absolute not keyword cramming).

In this post, I will only mention the main ideas.

Tools for Optimizing SEO on WordPress

Apart from basic elements presented above, SEO still has many other important factors which we often forget such as creating Sitemaps file, Social media SEO, Meta-Description,.etc. Understand its importance, SEO supporting tools for WordPress has been created to save your time, energy. And now, you have learned Top 20 Free SEO WordPress Plugins For Higher Ranking

There are thousands of WordPress SEO tutorials & tactics on the internet (both black hat SEO and white hat SEO). However, what mentioned here are the most basic guidelines and appreciated by Google. The process to implement SEO on WordPress will be slow and you yourself have gradually climb each stair. So please persistently follow the rules from Google. Your site needs useful contents for readers, good user experiences which are flavors of the Queen. And now goodbye and see you again in the next post from our WordPress SEO tutorial series.

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